Sander Coers

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Selected Works


Sander Coers is an artist working with photography based in Rotterdam, The Netherlands, whose work verges on the border of documentary and fiction. 


Come Home

2019 2020

Publication: Come Home, 2021

Come Home is a visual essay that delves deep into the complexities of the masculine landscape, exploring themes of love, intimacy, and personal growth with a tender and empathetic gaze. Through a series of powerful portraits, sun-drenched stills, and sultry details, I capture the raw emotions and visceral experiences of five protagonists: Jens, Derrick, Chris, Tjeerd, and Tim, each grappling with their own notions of masculinity and sharing their stories of love and intimacy with unflinching honesty.

Stop, 2020
Jens (Scar), 2019
Jens with Umbrella, 2020
Flower, 2019
Three Brothers Climbing Rocks, 2019
David & Jens, 2019
David Holding A Beetle, 2019
Rayne, 2020
Orange, 2020
Jens Brushing His Scar, 2020
Jens in Black with Blue, 2019
The Pool, 2019
Jens (Calvin Klein), 2020
Tjeerd & Ilse, 2020
Rayne & Jerry, 2020
Stijn & Dian, 2020
Jens on The Rocks, 2020

Recalled moments from my childhood in Zeeuws-Vlaanderen are woven throughout the project, merging seamlessly with the stories of the five protagonists. Through these symbol-filled scenes, the project invites viewers on a journey of self-discovery and emotional awakening, connecting us with the universal desire for human connection and the transformative power of emotional expression. With its raw honesty, poetic imagery, and nuanced exploration of the human psyche, Come Home explores the boundaries of visual storytelling. 

This project has been nominated for Best of Graduates 2021 by Galerie Ron Mandos, won the RM Photo Award and selected photos have been nominated for Rabobank Portrait Prize Talent. This project led to a selection for Rising Stars 2022 by NRC and has been covered in international magazines.