Sander Coers is an artist who works with different techniques of photography. There are strong influences of nature in his work, evoked by memories of hot summers and sultry evenings of his youth. His work is motivated by a fear of forgetting the fleeting moments of the present. Afraid to grow old, he tries to grasp a feeling of youth that cannot be contained by a camera alone. Therefore he often incorporates family archives and images from old encyclopedias in his collages. 

His photography explores the essence of and things that concern his twenty-something year old friends. He focuses on themes such as lust, the fragility of being young, and the exploration of the human body versus natural environments. Through these ideas he offers us a view into the lives of those close to him. By mostly using his closest ones as subjects, he allows himself to stay true to the traditional relationship between artist and muse while capturing their auras in a dreamlike and romantic manner.

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